Philadelphia's Lil Uzi Vert is one of hip-hop's biggest rising stars, so it's no surprise that fans went crazy when it was time for him to perform at the 2016 Made in America festival -- which takes place in Philly every year. Fans went so crazy, in fact, that Uzi had to duck a whole mob of them. You can see the chase scene above.

For his part, Uzi seemed to be having a good time with it. After all, what is an emerging star without a band of obssessive fans behind them? And those fans were definitely in hot pursuit of the "You Was Right" rapper. In the second video of the chase, Uzi dodges fans in the open field with footwork that would  make a kickoff returner jealous. We have to say, it was pretty impressive.

This moment perfectly encapsulates what's been a huge come-up for the ascendant Uzi, who is one of this year's XXL freshmen. Back in June, XXL caught up with the "Money Longer" rapper to discuss what it was like to be chosen as one of the next breakout stars in the rap game. He didn't sound complacent.

"It’s definitely a different space. A lot more shows, a lot more work I gotta do. I don’t get to like just make a song and then just be chillin’," he explained. "I gotta lot of work to do. Very tiring. I’ll tell you this year is very tiring. Last year, I was very lax. You can never get caught laccin’. You can’t get comfortable or nothing because that is a trait of being broke. I already been there before. You gotta stay on your feet. I’m tryna be somewhere I never been before."

If he keeps up his good work, he definitely will be.

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