Drake fans are still holding onto hope that their favorite rapper will eventually drop his rumored diss track in response to Pusha-T's "The Story of Adidon" record, but for now, Lil Twist is relaying some thoughts of his own on the beef. The Texas rapper, who is signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money imprint, released a new song called "Message to G.O.O.D. Music," which takes shots at Pusha.

While the track carries a light-hearted vibe with a gentle, upbeat instrumental and some soft vocals from the rapper, Twist manages to still throw in some direct shots at Pusha in his first verse.

"Pushin' me, ain't no fuckin' pushin' me/We take the nigga to the cliff and push 'em off/Pusha-T, who is he?" he rhymes. "Shit I heard about where he chill, shit I heard about where you live/And now you heard this how I run all off up in a nigga crib/Nah, for real, you niggas weak, G.O.O.D. Music need to chill/Before I show ‘em what’s real, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill."

In addition to the song, Lil Twist also dropped a tirade of tweets online discussing the beef. "Man mother fuk u Pusha T stans!," he wrote. "If u ain't ever heard LIL TWIST don't give 2 fuks about shit !"

If you recall, J. Prince recently revealed a conversation he had on the phone with Drake, where he told him to not drop his response diss to Pusha T following the hype surrounding "The Story of Adidon." The music executive claims that Drizzy's diss track could "have been bad" for Yeezy and Push, but didn't reveal exactly what information or subject matter were included on the alleged record.

Take a listen to Lil Twist's new song "Message 2 G.O.O.D. Music" in the stream below and read his tweets.

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Young Money

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