Lil Tecca is making quite a name for himself with his latest single “Ransom” and his We Love You Tecca project, but two years ago, the Queens, N.Y. artist wasn't living so large and his fee for features was pretty low.

On Wednesday (Sept. 11), Tecca posted an old list of feature prices he direct messaged another artist back in 2017 to his Instagram story. Back then, the rapper would charge $50 for a feature. For a hook, he'd charge $40, and if a customer wanted a verse and a hook, they could get them for $70.

Of course, now that Tecca is one of the hottest artists coming up in the rap game, his quotes have most likely gone up. Earlier this year, Tory Lanez claimed to have charged $75,000 for a feature. The person Tecca messaged with the price breakdown even said he should have copped a feature back when it was relatively cheap.

While Tecca is doing it big, he recently expressed some disenchantment about the music industry and hinted that he might quit rapping very soon. “Could care less bout sum $$ if im not happy,” he tweeted on his Twitter page last week. “Hate this shit. I love y’all but this shit won’t b continuing as long as y’all thought.”

Tecca later added, “At least I tell y’all what ima do before I do it. There’s like 30 other rappers that sound just like me y’all will b good.”

Check out Lil Tecca's screenshot below.

Lil Tecca Instagram
liltecca via Instagram

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