J. Cole had an interesting fan taking in his headlining set at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival on Friday (May 11), as none other than his perceived nemesis Lil Pump was enjoying the show.

Video has surfaced of Pump standing near the stage when Cole is performing his track "1985 (Intro to 'The Fall Off')." In the clip, Cole is toward the end of the song, rapping a cappella. "Now your show's lookin' light cause they don't show up/Which unfortunately means the money slow up," Jermaine snaps from the stage. "Now you scramblin' and hopin' to get hot again/But you forgot you only popped 'cause you was ridin' trends."

Pump can be seen standing among a group of people and begins to bop, with a cup in his hand. Someone in the crowd can be heard yelling "fuck Lil Pump," after which the South Florida rapper starts to get his roll on and gets even more into it.

The irony, of course, is some people including Pump think the track is a veiled diss directed at him, or at least rappers of his ilk. Shortly after Cole's new KOD album dropped and the song was digested by the masses, the "Gucci Gang" rapper thanked Cole in an Instagram video for the plug, though the "ATM" rhymer never mentions his name in the track. "Cole, thank you for all the clout," Pump stated. "Appreciate it."

Last week, Cole silenced a crowd when they started a "fuck Lil Pump" chant during his show at the 2018 JMBLYA Festival. It looks like Cole and Pump will be tied together for the foreseeable future.

Check out video of Jetski cutting a rug to Cole's "1985" performance below.

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