While Lil' Kim seems to be loving her physical transformation, some fans and critics have been calling the rapper out for her new look for years. The Brooklyn rapper seemingly added another example for her naysayers to get mad at, after a video surfaced that shows her saying she's trapped in a Black girl's body.

The video, which is apparently from 2013 but was posted to the Twitter account LilKimRoyal this weekend, shows Queen Bee talking to someone holding a camera. "I'm a Spanish girl trapped in a Black girl's body," she says. "I'm all mixed up, girl," she adds.

As the video continues, Kim sings a song in Spanish and does a little dance. Kim seems to be joking in the video, but that didn't stop people from going in. "This is the most unfortunate occurrence of all times," one Twitter user noted.

"My wife got identity issues but I love her," another person commented.

Kim has come under fire numerous times over the years about how her appearance has changed, but she clearly gives zero damns.

Back in May, she posted a picture that sent the Internet into an uproar. The post shows her looking almost unrecognizable in a collage of selfies.

XXL recently chopped it up with Kim about the good ol' days, when she dropped her debut project Hard Core. She shared untold stories about the making of the LP.

Check out what people had to say about her recent comments, below.