Social media has been in a frenzy ever since rumors circulated that Lil Kim and Remy Ma's new upcoming collaboration together was slated to be a diss towards Nicki Minaj. Now, the veteran beauty is setting the record straight during her lengthy new interview with Hot 97,

Kim sits down with the Ebro in the Morning crew, where she speaks on a slew of topics, including her upcoming album. Interestingly, however, around the 21:40 mark, she confirms that her collaboration record to come with Remy, titled "Wake Me Up," is not meant to take shots at Minaj, despite their long-running beef.

"The messed up thing is, because we are real artists, and me and Remy we do what we do, no matter what we say... if I say 'Fake ass such, such, and such,' they gon' [say], 'Oh, she's talking about such, such, and such," says Kim. "I feel like people know me and Remy and if we gon' talk about somebody, we're going to say their name. We're gonna address them. We're gonna make it that, or whatever. We just making music. We're doing what we do. You know what I'm saying? My mind is always on that bag. My mind ain't on ol' girl or anything else. I don't care about that."

Even though she confirms that there's no fighting words on her end on the track, she does confess that she doesn't have a full verse on the record, and can't say whether Remy's approach on the song was meant to be aimed at Nicki or not.

"But, I don't know what Remy's approach to her verses were," she admits. "I'm only on the hook, and I do a bridge. And I thought it would be so boss because when you hear the song, it's a familiar song."

Also in the interview, Kim talks about her relationship with Biggie before she began rapping, the story of him pulling out a gun on her in the studio during an altercation, as well as her thoughts on Cardi B, female unity in hip-hop today, and Beyoncé dressing up as her for 2017 Halloween.

Watch Kim's full interview with Hot 97 and their morning crew in the video below to see what else she spills her thoughts on.

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