About a week ago, Funkmaster Flex began what's essentially been an on-and-off rant against different people in the industry, specifically Tupac Shakur, who he feels caused The Notorious B.I.G.'s death 20 years ago. He also came at Lil Kim, who just recently clapped back at the legendary Hot 97 DJ.

Responding to Flex's tweet alleging she'd had her ex-fiancé,  Damion "World" Hardy—who's currently serving a life sentence for six murders—try to beat him up ("Lil Kim tried to put World on me too... I didn't forget!"), Kim made it known she was confused by the DJ's statements. "So what this mean doe?" Kim wrote in a tweet.

In a screenshot of a note attached to her tweet, Kim wrote, "This is so funny to me because I'm the ONLY ONE who was able to keep him off you even tho I felt he was in the right, but you were the big homie and he was my MAN. He did what he was supposed to do and I stand behind Brooklyn 100 percent."

In the note, Kim goes on to explain that she never even knew Flex felt the way he did, and that he should've called her if he felt that way. She ends the note by saying Flex needs to chill out.

"Flex, whatever it is you're going thru, Ima need you to take a deep breath, meditate, do some yoga or something because you tweakin bruh," she wrote. "I still got love for you tho. Blessings Beloved #imaround."

You can check out both Flex and Kim's original tweets and the screenshot of their interaction in the posts below.

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