It's been over a year since Lil Jon has dropped some fire, but fear not, the crunk originator is back with some brand new EDM, and it's literally all the rage.

In his new video for "In the Pit,"  Lil Jon, Skellism and Terror Bass retreat to Mexico City, armed with machetes and metal bats to destroy everything within reach in an abandoned car lot. As the vicinity fills with smoke, debris and broken glass—thanks to the help of a seemingly sadistic little boy— the Guinness World Record holder urges his fans to form a circle, spread it out and "push a muthafucka in the pit," causing a massive display of shoving at the concert that follows.

With the success "In the Pit" has already amassed since the single released in June, the Atlanta native may have another chart-climber on his hands, with his last one being 2014's "Bend Ova" with Tyga.

In his latest interview with Billboard, Lil Jon revealed the track isn't too popular with venue owners, for obvious reasons. "If I play it in a bottle service club, the owners will be like, 'What the fuck is wrong with you? You're trying to tear my club up,'" he explained. "A lot of my music's been banned. I did the crunk movement, and it's the same feeling now as the crunk era—that got people too crazy, too fucking wild, fighting and all kinds of shit. My whole career has been: I make music for the club to go crazy."

Francisco Romo of L.A. duo Skellism added, "We can't play it in the middle of sets anymore, because half the people end up getting kicked out by security."

Take a look at the visual  for "In the Pit" to see why for yourself.

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