Rappers like Trae Tha Truth and Bun B have been helping residents in their city of Houston and its surrounding areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. While Trae has been on the ground rescuing people from flooded homes and Bun B is organizing a telethon to raise money for victims, much criticism has been directed toward President Trump and his apparent lack of effort. Houston rhymer Lil' Flip thinks the hate should be turned into help from those criticizing the Commander-in-Chief.

The 36-year-old rap veteran, who released his new song “B*tch I’m the Man (B.I.T.M.)” yesterday, is praising Trump for getting out to see the people rather than hiding in the White House. "I feel like it's good Donald Trump came to Texas," Flip tells TMZ. "I feel like it's the president's duty to get out there with the people on the frontlines sometimes, see what's going on. Kinda wish he would've came to Houston as well... But it's fine, he came. At least he just didn't sit in his White House and not come. You know, you get an E for effort for trying."

Earlier this week, President Trump faced backlash for failing to meet with people who have been affected by the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. While Trump did head to Corpus Christi, Texas, which wasn’t as nearly as impacted by the storm, to address the relief efforts, he failed to visit victims in the eye of the storm in Houston.

"A lot of times I feel that people sit back and they criticize on what you do but those same people, did those same people catch flights to Houston? Did those same people go out there and make great speeches?" Flip continues. "It's kinda like a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. At the end of the day, you can't never please everybody. My take on that, hey, if the critics come out here and help Houston, if you go point the finger at somebody, then you should be out there. So whoever has a problem with how he handle it then they should go out there and do something as well."

Looks like Trump will get another chance to redeem himself. Today, the President heads to Houston to meet with survivors of the storm as well as volunteers. Before his visit, he also donated $1 million to relief efforts.

On the other hand, hip-hop is doing all they can for Hurricane Harvey survivors. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Zoey Dollaz, T.I., and Paul Wall, among others are aiding the people in their recovery through monetary donations.

Watch Lil' Flip's take on the people criticizing President Trump's response to Hurricane Harvey below.

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