Lil Durk has changed his mind. Contrary to what he told a Chicago radio station earlier this week, Durk will not be serving up a response track to Tyga and Game's "Chiraq To LA" diss, at least for now. XXL spoke with Lil Durk's management to confirm the record and it seems that the camp has had a change of heart as the beef has grown and evolved from the initial differences between Durk and Tyga to now involving Game, Chief Keef and L.E.P. Bogus Boys.

"Nah, we ain't gon' release no track," Durk's management told XXL. "Everybody that Game mentioned that he say he know in Chicago is releasing a track. G Count already released a track. Bump J is finna get on the phone from the federal penitentiary to say he don't know Game."

The camp later spoke on the mystery of Game's involvement in the beef. "Game is trying to get a buzz off of us. We ain't gon to feed into that. We gon drop our single and our album. He might get a response on the album. Everybody gonna have to wait and see. Durk don't acknowledge Game; he's wondering where Game came from. They say Tyga paid him to get on the track. He can't handle that by himself."

The  origin of the beef arose when Tyga asked Durk about a lyric referencing Blac Chyna. After some discussion, Durk agreed to switch up the lyric in exchange for Tyga hopping on one of his songs. Tyga apparently never sent the track back to Durk, thus beginning a string of diss records between the artists.