Hours after being granted a $250,000 bond, Lil Durk was released from Georgia's Fulton County Jail.

According to Fulton County's inmate lookup database, Durk, who surrendered to police on a criminal attempt to commit murder charge and four other felonies on May 30, left the jail on Thursday night (June 20). Local authorities accuse the rapper and his OTF cohort King Von of participating in an armed robbery that left one man with non-fatal gunshot wounds on Feb. 5.

A judge had initially refused to set a bond for Durk's release from jail, but that changed on Thursday. He was released hours later, and shortly after getting out, he welcomed himself back through a tweet. "I’m bacccccccckkkkkk," Durk wrote in the post.

Just before turning himself in to local authorities a few weeks ago, Durk spoke to WSB-TV 2 about why he surrendered to authorities. During the interview, the Chicago rapper suggested that he was an innocent man. "I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to run from," Durk said when asked why he was choosing to surrender to police.

Durk proclaimed his innocence on "Turn Myself In," a track he released the day he went to jail. "Look up at the judge, can't look/Stay making up lies, for sure/I'm a innocent man, for sure/It is what it is, for sure," Durk raps on the song.

See video of Durk leaving jail, as well as his first tweet upon his release below.

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