After flipping Logic's "1-800-273-8255," Lil Durk has now released a video for his latest song, "1-773-Vulture."

Turning the suicide-prevention song into a tale about street life and homicide, the song gets an emotional video directed by Jerry Production. The "1-773-Vulture" visuals are dedicated to the late Fredo Santana and begin with Durk exiting his house and immediately being shot and killed.

"Why the opposition calling my line?/Telling me come outside/I would, but I know they lying," Durk sings during the hook. "My mama had a dream about me dying/I told her that I hope she lying/It's gon' be a homicide/It's gon' be a homicide/Fuck with Durk and they dying today."

The video then switches between the present and past as we see Durk playing video games with a child before his enemies tell him to come outside. The rapper stocks up on guns and ammo and hides the child in a closet before meeting his fate.

While some saw it in poor taste for Durk to flip "1-800-273-8255" into a song about homicides, the rapper said he meant no disrespect by it. "No disrespect to the suicide people I was talking to the trenches #1773vulture," he wrote on Twitter.

Check out the "1-773-Vulture" video below.

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