Fans of Ski Mask The Slump God are heated this morning after the official Twitter account for the Rolling Loud festival and the rapper's DJ claimed that Ski Mask was supposed to have a verse on Justin Bieber's new Changes album.

On Friday morning (Feb. 14), just after Bieber dropped his new album, DJ Scheme, who operates as Ski Mask's DJ, posted a tweet that said his friend Gio would be dropping a version of Bieber's new song "Running Over" that includes Ski instead of Lil Dicky, who appears on the album iteration of the track. Soon, Gio did just that and fans got to hear what the 2018 XXL Freshman brought to Bieber's track.

Around the same time Scheme claimed Ski got removed, the official Twitter account for the Rolling Loud festival tweeted out a seemingly sarcastic message about the Ski Mask and Bieber collab.

Also reacting to the leak of the verse was Lyrical Lemonade founder, Cole Bennett, who let DJ Scheme know he wasn't feeling the alleged switch-up. "That shit irritated me," Bennett tweeted.

As Ski Mask's version of the song began permeating the internet, fans started wondering about why, exactly, he wasn't on the official version of the song. Some of them were pretty upset.

"Ski Mask was robbed of his feature on Justin Bieber’s album," reads one tweet. "This proves that the industry is based off of fame and money rather than skill and morality. not saying he’s entitled to the feature, but why get his hopes up."

"Not these bieber stans thinking lil dicky was spitting when ski mask exists, but their fav decided to replace him for dicky," wrote another Twitter user. "Cllownery tingz."

At press time, it's unknown which "Running Over" version is the original between Ski Mask's and Lil Dicky's.

In his verse, Ski Mask raps about the Biebs' apparent request to keep his bars "PG." The Stokeley rapper managed to refrain from dropping any expletives. Yet, he did namedrop a couple of controversial names in hip-hop like Chief Keef and Kodak Black.

"But Justin told me 'Keep it PG,' I see you, me on my BB," Ski Mask raps towards the end of his verse. "Simons belt shinin' on 'em, white, Chief Keef/Okay, Tuesday, it feel like Friday when you met me, we was bumping Kodak on the interstate, huh/You can tell me and her have exquisite taste, That's my little baby."

With nothing particularly controversial outside of maybe the Kodak name-drop and no explanation for Bieber yet, it's unclear why Ski Mask didn't end up on the album.

For his part, Ski Mask tweeted out a vague message letting his fans know he appreciated their support, though he doesn't mention any context.

Listen to the Lil Dicky version of Justin Bieber's "Running Over" below. See what the fans had to say about Ski Mask The Slump God being replaced by Lil Dicky on Justin Bieber's new album.

XXL has reached out to Bieber's camp for comment.

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