If the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors meet in the NBA playoffs, Lil B will be front row and center. "I'm there and I'm buying tickets," said the Based God during an appearance in a recent episode of the Warriors World podcast. Lil B's excitement about the possible match up stems from the infamous curse he placed on OKC's star player Kevin Durant in 2011, saying the swing forward will never win a ring.

"The curse is still real," said Lil B while discussing the hex. "KD has been avoiding me. His teammates tease him about it. He even talked to me about it a while back."

If the two West Coast teams meet in the playoffs, the Bay area rapper is confident the Warriors will come out on top. "I know he has to deal with these Warriors right now and he can't beat the Warriors," said the "Wonton Soup" MC.  Mr. Based believes no one in the league can beat the Warriors in the playoffs.

You can trace the beef back to 2011 when Durant tweeted that he couldn't believe Lil B is relevant. As soon as the Based God caught wind, he tweeted out the now infamous "THE BASEDGODS CURSE." There was a rumored one-on-one game proposition between the two celebrities. However, Durant denied Lil B's challenge him to a one-on-one. The rapper later released a diss track called "F**k KD". Since the curse was placed, Durant has never won a championship in his seven-year career. The closest he got was in 2011-12 season when OKC made it to the finals but lost to the Miami Heat in five games. You can read Grantland's profile of the beef here. Things could get very interesting. Golden State is the number one team in the Western Conference right now while the Thunder is battling to get in the playoff race.

Listen to the podcast in full below.


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