It's shake and bake time for Leikeli47 in her new video for "2nd Fiddle." Earlier this week, 47 dropped the visual to her latest banger.

Leikeli47 summons the spirit of the famous Talladega Nights racer, Ricky Bobby, when she sings, "My real friends is still my friends/Fake ones they came and went/Ricky Bobby daddy told me long time ago if you ain’t first then you’re last and y’all can kiss my ass.”

47 rides shotgun through the streets of New York. However, that isn't the pinnacle of the music video's creativity. The visual also sees Leikeli47 enlisting three girls to recreate the iconic June 1999 XXL cover photo of JAY-Z, Ja Rule, and DMX. In short, the "2nd Fiddle" video is the epitome of a summer in the Big Apple.

In an interview with XXL, Leikeli47 described her goals in hip-hop. "To be great," says 47. "To continue working and to continue learning. I never want to be one of those artists that get to a certain point and it’s just like…I want to give back to the kids. I want to reach out to the youth. But not just youth and my community in New York City but in L.A., Wisconsin, wherever."

If you're intrigued about this rising Brooklyn star, you can catch her performing tomorrow (Aug. 26) at Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn. "2nd Fiddle" is the third single off Wash & Set after "O.M.C." and “Miss Me.” Leikeli47 is dropping her debut album, Wash & Set, on Sept. 8 via Hardcover/RCA Records. You can view the album art and tracklist below.

Check out the video for "2nd Fiddle" below and also pre-order Leikeli47's album, Wash & Set here.

Leikeli47's Wash & Set Tracklist

1. “2nd Fiddle”
2. “Miss Me”
3. “Attitude”
4. “Bags”
5. “O.M.C.”
6. “$”
7. “M I L K”
8. “Don’t Do It”
9. “Bubblegum”
10.” Look”
11. “Ho”
12. “Elian’s Revenge”
12. “Braids Tuh’da Flo(w)”
13. “Wash & Set”



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