Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session today (Aug. 7) are Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Fences. They answered fans questions about their next album, how do they like their steaks and the Blue Scholars.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session.

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I’ve been listening to you since Wings and Otherside, but one thing has always bugged me. Is it pronounced Mack-la-more or Mack-el-more? (Like nickel) Because in Starting Over it's pronounced like the former, but in Jimmy Iovine like the latter. Thanks Ben!

Macklemore: Mack-La-More is how it's pronounced Should have picked an easier name to say
Fences: Magnum more.


If you three were to be put into an arena to fight to the death Hunger Games style, who would be victorious?

Ryan Lewis: what are the weapons ?
Macklemore: Great question. I would win :) #alwayscompete But I would hate killing the homies


You still close with the Blue Scholars? (Geo and Sabzi) Also, will you and Ryan Lewis be doing any more Soundsets in the future?

Macklemore: I see Geo. Love that guy. One of my favorites. I haven't seen Saba in too long. Was just talking about him the other day. I miss that dude. He was really there for me when I first got sober. I didn't know any other musicians that were sober and lived a spiritual life. He played a big part in introducing me to some beautiful humans and putting me on shows opening for them. I'm forever grateful for that


For Mack & Ryan Lewis: When's the next project coming out? Hopefully soon cuz I'm excited.

Ryan Lewis: We can't say when the next album is coming out yet, we are very very hard at work on it. It'll be out when it's ready for the people, same as the heist (but hopefully won't take as long hahah)


My question to you is: Is there anything you would have done differently in the past three years of growth as an artist? Any regrets?

Macklemore: Of course. I try not to have any regrets. But you learn along the way. When Thrift Shop popped off and went number 1, I wasn't ready for that. The love, the press, the scrutiny, the attention, lack of privacy. Everything. I went from an underground rapper (which I'd been my whole life) to the spotlight very quickly. So that was tough for me. I had ALL these different songs with varying topics. But most of the world only knew of 1. I was extremely fearful I was going to become the "Thrift Shop" guy forever. But, with "Can't Hold Us's" success that dissipated. And with "Same Love's" success it went away. But I was definitely living in a place of fear for a while. That's never a good place to be. I turned to some old vices that are never conducive to working through the problem. Just temporary numbing that eventually leads to more fear, anxiety and pain. BUT I'm learning from it. And I try to live my life differently because of that experience. And whenever I'm in a place of fear. I know what helps me get through it, and I know what keeps me there. I have a choice


What is coming next? Is it too early to be in the post "the heist" era?

Ryan Lewis: It's too early for us to speak on the next record. All we can is that we're very, very hard at work on it and it's going to come out when it's ready for the people.


Macklemore, I have a piece of artwork of you that I would like you to see and possibly get autographed. Is there any way I could get it to you? A response would mean a lot to me. Thank you for being a positive influence for many and a great media creator. Keep up the great work!

Macklemore: We get a lot of AMAZING artwork sent to us. Or Macklemore LLC PO Box 19784 Seattle WA 98109 Or email and we'll post on our new fan art instagram @therealsharkfacegang Thanks!


What are your secret guilty pleasures?

Ryan Lewis: TV shows... for sure. Game Of Thrones Homeland House Of Cards True Detective Hell On Wheels Mad Men Fargo The Killing Masters Of Sex


What is one thing that someone would have a hard time believing happened to you?

Ryan Lewis: Almost died twice within a 5 month window. First time, I ate raw octopus in mexico and threw up so much my body went numb. I needed an IV but instead a "paramedic" with a fishermans tackle box came and injected morphine in my ass cheek. The second time, only a few months later, I was in South Africa and almost had a head on collision with a semi-truck driver that fell asleep and came into our lane in the middle of the night driving from Cape Town to Joburg. Missed him by a few feet.


For Ryan mostly, I know you didn't sample anything that would require clearance because you didn't have the money for it. My question is how did you manage to get the samples you used? Did you have instrumentalists just mess around and play with the recordings, or did you have people record exactly what you asked?

Ryan Lewis: mixed bag. some stuff I wrote music, made a beat, then had better musicians either replay stuff live or try out adding parts. Some beats I made out of sessions just working with a musician, and the "sample" might have begun there.


Do you like your steak medium or rare? Can you explain why?

Fences: steak mtn


Hey Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Fences.

What is your favourite candy flavour?

What is your favourite video game?

What is your favourite band and song?

Why did you get into music?

Who inspired you in your music career?

Why are giraffe's tounges blue?

By the way im a huge fan and thanks for the ama :)

Ryan LewisWhat is your favourite candy flavour? probably peanut butter... reeses, something like that.

What is your favourite video game? I don't really play video games. When I was a kid I really liked Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, Madden, Cool Boarders I think it was called. Oh, grand theft auto, duh.

What is your favourite band and song? impossible to answer.

Why did you get into music? My parents (or grandma, can't remember) got me an acoustic guitar around the age of 9 or 10. I played that forever.