With a markedly cohesive feel courtesy of it’s dreamy production, LE$’s newest mixtape may be the most complete project the Houston rapper has put out to date. E36 arrived earlier this week with smooth, feel good records that are about as car-stereo ready as you can get. Finding a common ground between the airy, lifestyle raps of a Curren$y type and the Houston flavor of his Boss Hogg Outlaw affiliates, LE$’s latest is also his most impressive.

From the jump, Le$ does a fine job of setting the tone for the project with a glistening, soul-sampling intro (“E36”) produced by Ric & Thaddeus. This transitions well into a series of five songs which all stick to a similar, subdued speed and contribute to the tape’s noticeably hypnotic and washed out feel. However, just as “Angel Eyes,” comes to an end, Le$ picks up the pace from this lulling series of songs with “Boats X Heauxs,” turning a tongue-in-cheek ‘Step Brothers’ reference into a simple and braggadocios hook (“Young nigga getting chose, boats and hoes,”).

Along those lines, “Boats X Heauxs” subtly transitions into a series of tracks that share a different tone and tinge. This time though, the pace is jazzier and less sedating. This is where E36 really hits its stride, setting the release up for it’s strong finish. Within these records, there’s the Smoke DZA-featuring “Autobahn,” as well as a hometown star-studded remix to LE$’ 2012 standout “Steak X Shrimp,” featuring Slim Thug & Paul Wall. For the most part though, this tape is carried by the presence of it’s starring act and how well LE$ walks the line between stoner rap and H-town funk. The end result here is a body of work that is a perfect accompaniment to anyone’s summer listening. If you’ve got a car with good speakers, then it becomes essential. @wavydavewilliam

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