Top Dawg Ent. fans will not be waiting long for the label's next project. Just a few days ago, TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith revealed that Lance Skiiiwalker's Introverted Intuition would be next up on the release schedule. With the album set to arrive Tuesday (Oct. 18), Skiiiwalker decided to drop a video for the "Lover's Lane" single and unveil the official tracklist for the project.

The music video shows Lance Skiiiwalker becoming infatuated with a variety of women. But when the Chicago artist finally gets the attention of one, he finds out he's simply being scammed. This all plays out while Skiiiwalker sings about a more successful relationship.

"Make it feel good, darling/I'ma keep loving you, girl/And as the love show/Gotta stay home with you, baby/Let the kids grow, baby/Gotta stay home with you darling/So don't start it, cause you doing it right/Girl, I want you, all day and night," Skiiiwalker sings.

Lance Skiiiwalker's Introverted Intuition will feature 13 tracks with guest appearances by Schoolboy Q and Michael Anthony. Check out the tracklist, including production credits, below.

Lance Skiiiwalker's Introverted Intuition Tracklist

1. "Reality" (prod. by Chef Byer)
2. "Lover's Lane" (prod. by B. New)
3. "Advantage" (prod. by J. LBS and Rocket)
4. "Toaster" Feat. Schoolboy Q (prod. by TaeBeast)
5. "Attraction" (prod. by Rocket, Carter Lang and Peter CottonTale)
6. "Skit / Her Song" (prod. by Rocket, TaeBeast and Frank Dukes)
7. "All Stop" (prod. by O'Bonjour)
8. "Sound" (prod. by Stefan Ponce)
9. "Stockholm" Feat. Michael Anthony (prod. by Rocket, THEMpeople, J. LBS and Dave Free)
10. "Speed" (prod. by Rocket)
11. "Could It Be" (prod. by O'Bonjour and TaeBeast)
12. "((Ni)) Radio" (prod. by Rocket and O'Bonjour)
13. "Forbidden Fruit" (prod. by Soundwave, DJ Dahi and Rocket)

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