Lady Luck, one of Remy Ma’s enemies from the past, decided to weigh in on her old foe’s diss records coming at Nicki Minaj.

Remy Ma has had her issues with female MCs in the past but one of her most known battles in hip-hop came when she battled another female MC by the name of Lady Luck. Luck has never been a fan of Remy Ma and today, she took the time to throw her two cents in on Remy’s diss records "Shether" and "Another One," both coming at Nicki Minaj. In the below video, Luck says Remy “can’t ride a beat” and raps like “she weighs 500 pounds.”

As the interview goes on, Lady Luck begins to speak on the construction of Remy’s disses and even starts to throw out that it’s possible Remy had someone write both records for her. The MC also thinks Remy had it out for Nicki Minaj before she got out of jail. To conclude the interview, Lady Luck reiterates that she still thinks Remy is a wack artist, but gave her a shout out for the success she has acquired from Love & Hip Hop and receiving her Grammy nomination since her release from prison.

In other Lady Luck news, the MC was featured on Bravo’s TV show First Family of Hip-Hop, a documented series on the rebirth of iconic record label Sugarhill Records. She was also apart of XXL’s story on the veteran female rappers you need to know in the rap industry.

Check out the full interview below.

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