As Cleveland goes, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are above reproach. Though the city has suffered through one of the most embattled half-centuries in the history of team sports, the innovative rap group put the town on the hip-hop map, most notably with E. 1999 Eternal and their Creepin' on ah Come Up EP. But when Krayzie Bone appeared on Fox Sports 1 last night (May 26), it was not only in a rapper's capacity. The self-described Cleveland Cavaliers "super-fan" was reveling in the team's victory over the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. "It's everything for the city," Bone said. "It brings all kind of hope to the city." Krayzie insisted that Ohio native and Cavs star LeBron James is, in fact, better than Bulls legend Michael Jordan, even freestyling to that effect to the tune of "Crossroads": "MJ, I love you, but to me, your stats and your records are gonna be gone, gone, gone, gone...."

The Cavaliers are expected to play the Golden State Warriors, who are up 3-1 in their series against the Houston Rockets. (Krayzie was also asked about Lil B, whom the Warriors have invited to tonight's Game 5 in hopes his curse on Rockets guard James Harden will hold true.) The revered rapper's wife is actually a Golden State fan, and he admitted that he expects to be living in a "divided house" over the next couple of weeks.