Kodak Black has officially met Donald Trump.

Page Six reports that Ray J has met with former President Donald Trump, and he brought Kodak Black along for the face-to-face encounter. The meeting happened yesterday night (March 17), and video from the event that shows the moment the rapper met Trump has surfaced online.

Although the audio in the clip is difficult to decipher due to music and general background noise, Trump can be heard asking Kodak Black, "How are you?" as the rapper approached him. Kodak gives Trump a fist-bump and the two share a few more words.

Trump famously commuted Kodak Black's federal prison sentence on gun charges in January of 2021, before Trump left office as president. Kodak has been one of his biggest supporters ever since. Last June, Kodak wished Trump a happy birthday and said he wanted four more years of the polarizing politician.

Back in January, Yak celebrated one-year of freedom by thanking Trump in an Instagram video while wearing a custom, autographed MAGA hat. "I want to thank Trump, Donald Trump, the honorable president," Kodak told his IG followers. "The honorable D.T. Without him, I wouldn't be here with y'all right now. My family, my fans and friends. So, everybody thank that boy. He freed me. On 1/20/21."

Earlier this month, Kodak threw on his cape for Trump again while on the Full Send podcast. "I gotta show support. I'm forever [indebted] to that boy," the South Florida rapper told the hosts. "Getting rid of Trump was the worst thing that America could have did."

See video of Kodak Black meeting former President Donald Trump below.

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