Kodak Black gets philanthropic once again. After hearing about the death of South Carolina police officer Terrence Carraway, who was involved in a shooting earlier this month (Oct. 3), Kodak did what he could to help out his family in their time of grieving.

The "Tunnel Vision" rapper donated $2,500 to the officer's GoFundMe underneath his government name Bill K Kapri. The Blast confirmed that it was indeed from Kodak and he wasn't looking for any recognition.

Officer Carraway and six others were injured when responding to a sexual assault investigation. NBC reports that Fred Hopkins, whose high-powered rifle gunshot killed Carraway, has since been arrested. Officers used caution when approaching the scene because they believed four foster children, between the ages 10 through 17, were hiding inside the residence. The children were later found unharmed and were hiding in the garage.

Two of the three injured deputies were said to be in critical condition. The third officer, who was shot in the leg, is said to be in stable condition. Another suffered a graze wound to his head and was paralyzed on one side. Another officer was in stable condition, and a third, who was shot in the thumb, was released from the hospital.

Florence Police Chief Allen Heidler, who knew Carraway for 30 years, called it "a very horrific day in the annals of the Florence Police Department."

Aside from donating to this cause, this isn't the first time the rapper has done a random act of kindness. On (Oct. 1) the South Florida rapper gave around $10,000 to the Jack & Jill Children's Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The GoFundMe, which is currently at $57,740, is almost at the $60,000 goal.

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