It looks like two rappers who should be on their best behavior have fired shots at each other. Kodak Black, who was recently released from jail, and 6ix9ine, who is facing possible probation violations, have thrown jabs on social media.

It appears to have started with Kodak, who was on Instagram Live when someone commented that Tekashi was better than him. "Ain't nobody better than me. Fuck you talkin' bout. Is you crazy?" he responded. "These niggas scared to go to jail. I'll go to jail tomorrow. Fuck you talkin' bout? Who better than me? Get off my Live with that bullshit."

Of course, news quickly filtered to 6ix who responded on Instagram. "Y'all see how quick shit can go left? Stop telling me who I can't beef with, who I pick beefs with, 'cause I done beefed with everybody. I've told everybody to suck my fucking dick," he snapped. "I got a song coming out Friday, I don't want to beef with niggas. But stop putting my name in niggas mouth. Cause niggas don't want to beef with me.

In case there was any question as to who he was talking to, he followed up with an IG post that simply read: "Kodak Black Suck My Dick."

It looks like 6ix9ine is fine and back to his normal ways after reportedly getting in an accident while in Dubai, which required him to undergo an MRI. Kodak recently put out his first solo track since being released from jail.

Check out both posts below.

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