Originally known for his flawless reputation as a battle rapper, Baltimore's own King Los has diversified his talents in recent years. He's shown himself to have a good sense of songwriting, sharing his ability to make a catchy song, while still being lyrically sound. Today, he has his new track "Dope Dealer," with the Taylor Gang head honcho, Wiz Khalifa, in tow.

Over a crawling trap beat, Los and Wiz rap about a girl who likes them for their talents. Los' hook tells the whole story. "Baby girl, call me dope dealer/Ride a dick like a four wheeler," he sings, deciding to be direct and clear. "Lames, oh no, she don't feel 'em/Never ever ever fuck a broke nigga."

Of course, Los' verse is good too. "Haters gon' yap about somethin'/They just probably mad 'cause the trap house jumpin'," he brags. "She just hit me up and I give her real game/Even though she knew my real name."

Wiz has the last verse, and he sounds sharp and inspired."Hit it, pass it to my bro quick/I be on the kush but always fuck her good, tell her do it slow motion," he spits, not one to be caught slippin' whether he's high or not. "Flying private, they ain't coach, get this nigga and make her do the most important."

King Los dropped both Moor Bars and G.O.A.T. Tape projects last year. Wiz Khalifa has Rolling Papers 2 set to arrive on July 13, and might even have a full-fledged project with the one and only Gucci Mane in the works.

Check out "Dope Dealer" below.

King Los via SoundCloud
King Los via SoundCloud

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