Killer Mike caught a lot of backlash when he seemed to shrug off Bill Maher after the controversial HBO host used the phrase "house nigger" during an episode of his TV series Real Time With Bill Maher last week.

While the Run the Jewels rapper hasn't really changed his stance on the matter, he did offer up a detail about how he'd deal with Maher if the comedian were to use the N-word in his presence. "I would punch Bill in his stomach," Killer Mike says in a new interview with the folks at TMZ.

He continues, "I would have punched a Bill in his stomach and said, 'You sound stupid,' and we would've smoked a joint after. Because that's what you do when your white friend is 15 and he gets a little too comfortable and says it, you punch your friend in [his] stomach. I'm a fierce believer in the First Amendment, so whether I agree with you or not, I believe in your right to say it. Jerrod Carmichael did an interesting bit where he praised Hitler versus Dr. King that was hilarious. I don't want to live in a world where that can't happen. Louis CK does an N-word bit that's amazing. So for me—I'm used to American comedians doing this. That doesn't mean I condone it, that just means I appreciate the First Amendment."

Mike, who's all set to appear on Big Boi's Boomiverse album and has big plans with RTJ,  goes on to say he believes Maher had simply made a bad joke and that others can feel free to protest against him and request that his show gets cancelled. He won't be joining them, though.

"I am not going to start to limit entertainers and what they can say because when you start doing that, you're [putting] yourself in a corner and you're going to make sure your First Amendment rights are out the door and we really are going to start living in a fascist country," Killer Mike says at the end of the interview.

Watch him speak on the matter in the video below.

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