Killer Mike has become one of the go-to guests for CNN during these turbulent times and the rapper/activist showed up on the channel again over the weekend to discuss the community work a white police officer is doing in North Little Rock, Arkansas. While on the channel with host Brooke Baldwin, Mike spoke highly of the work officer Tommy Norman is doing and encouraged other policemen to follow his lead.

"If the only contact you have with black issues comes from CNN or other news channels, you're life is too insulated," started Mike. "I don't want black death to just be a spectacle. I want the white viewers to get involved like a policeman in North Little Rock...His name is Tommy Norman. If you follow him on Instagram, this man is out of his patrol car every single day. He is taking pictures with other people's families who are black, with white kids in the community but he's in the community. North Little Rock is no square dance, it's not an easy place to police...I would encourage more police and more people to see what this officer is doing because he's doing something right."

CNN tracked down officer Norman for an interview to shed more light on his work and he was very complimentary of Mike and called it an "honor" to be recognized by the rapper. Check out the clip above.