Run The Jewels was featured for Reddit “Ask Me Anything” sessions today. The social news site teamed up with the ATL and BK rappers. They answered his fans’ burning questions about what who are some lesser known artists that have most potential, Meow The Jewels and confirm that RTJ3 will happen. Check out what we learned from Young Chop’s Reddit AMA

El, What's your most prized piece of production gear? (Keyboard, synth, sampler, etc). Mike, You make a number of references to works of literature in your rhymes. Any particular author that really gets your brain working? Thanks guys!
mike: in all honesty, i am a huge fan of robert beck aka iceberg slim. his writing is considered pulp fiction but his attention to detail and scene description rival the best writers of our day. his characters are powerful and have a level of depth that most pulp fiction lacks.

Mike – Two years ago you played a free show in Tallahassee and my boy Eric and me were supposed to interview you after the show. Your contact man hooked it up and we were supposed to ask you some questions and I don’t know maybe grab chicken and beers after at our main place Guthrie’s or something. We went to go see you after you finished your set and no one let us in and y’all never called back! What happened????
mike: I'm sorry. hit me on twitter we'll figure it out ill still give you and interview. thanks for the rtj love.

Killer Mike, it was stated by El-P that he would donate his half of the Meow The Jewels fund to the families of those affected by police brutality. What do you plan to do with your half?
mike: save the dogs. I'm kidding we are both donating our portions to the same thing. we aren't putting anything in our pockets.

Hey Mike and El, are you guys ever planning on doing R.A.P. Music II?
mike: YES. one day. till then, RTJ. yeah. el: yes but this time i am going to be very e

Great Afternoon Killer Mike and El-P! Last week I listened to Run The Jewels II and ran my fastest 10 Kilometers ever! I just wanted to say thanks! My only question is what advice would you give my high school math students?
el: i love that our music is simultaneously the perfect work out record while being made by 2 out of shape men. either that or I'm deeply saddened by it. haven't decided. math student advice: take mushrooms.
mike: glad you're working out. i walk a mean 5k. i have no math advice except get money. love.

How many human beings were punched the face or set on fire during the creation of Run the Jewels 2?
el: we just punched each other a bunch.
mike: this is true.
el: i am on fire right now, actually. not as bad as i thought it would be. burns a bit.

Who would you consider your biggest musical inspiration? Also, what was your opinion on Yeezus?
el: thanks! my influences are pretty wide ranging but almost all come from shit i grew up on. prince, devo, run dmc, fat boys, mantronix, the clash, bdp, ll cool j, art of noise... too many to name, really. i thought yeezus had jams for sure.
mike: my biggest influences are probably scarface and sade. and i never heard yeezus. was it good?

Which track off RTJ2 was the most fun to make? El, do you have any tips or advice for an aspiring producer? Mike, I made a guide to your work a few months back for /r/hiphopheads, did I miss anything? Who smokes more weed out of the two of you? Where the fuck has Despot's album been?
mike: love again because gansta boo talked all that filthy shit that i love her for.
el: oh my darling don't cry.
el: advice for an aspiring producer: discover weed. also listen to everything. collect records. play them front to back to get inspiration and understanding on how great musicians create the flow of a record. pay homage to your influences but use them to create your own sound.
don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ask me about despots album.

Sooooooooooooo how'd you two meet?
el: craigs list missed connections.

What do you guys want to be remembered for?
el: my ripped abs. mike: being an amazing dancer.

Will you continue to name albums "Run The Jewels x"? Also, for El-p, how do you like Taylor Swift?
el: our last album will be entitled: RUN THE JEWELS X: FUCK BOYS IN SPACE. taylor swift is cool with me. just not feeling her new york "anthem". i prefer jay and cams.
mike: shit worked for zeppelin. why complicate shit? i think taylor is hella cool. I'm looking for cam to feature on her remix. that will liven that shit up some. DIPSET.

Best little known or new artists in the game?
mike: scotty atl and ra ra

I loved the guest spots on RTJ2, a real highlight of the album. So who are some of the guests you guys would most love to have on RTJ3? Side question, will there be a RTJ3???
el: thanks. no fucking idea yet about future guests but i can say this: YES WE WILL BE DOING RUN THE JEWELS 3. first we have to tour the world though.
mike: i would like to get elvis for rtj3.
el: i think i can make that happen, mike. give me 5 days and oujia board.

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