Right before summer kicked off, Kid Ink released the 7 Series EP, an eight-track project featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Starrah and 2 Chainz plus production from DJ Mustard, Murda Beatz, Dez Wright and RetroFuture, among others. The West Coast native couldn't let the summer hit without putting out new music for his fans.

"7 Series ultimately was me being in the studio, recording a lot of music, trying to get album three going and getting the new sound together," he explains to XXL while in New York. "It was approaching summertime and I hate approaching summertime without having a nice group of music, an album or mixtape, a EP, something just out where people are getting a lot of new ideas that I'm rocking with."

According to Kid Ink, the summer is the perfect time for him to express himself as an artist. "I feel like I'm a summer artist to an extent," the rapper shares. "I just understand that vibe a little bit more being from L.A. It's always summertime, it's always 100 degrees. From there, I just know how to paint that picture a little bit better than some other people. I never want to miss the summer. I feel like it's an important part for me. 7 Series, I came up with this idea of collecting the best seven records that I had at that time to put out, to help introduce people to what I'm doing for album three."

Ink wants to put out installments of his 7 Series regularly so his fans can get a taste of what his new album will sound like. "When I put this together, I felt like I can have this 7 Series. It was a play on the word and cars and just in general, especially coming from Full Speed and My Own Lane. It played along with the fast life. From there, it was just me feeling like the word series, I can keep doing this. I can just keep on releasing the 7 Series all the time whenever I have this group of music that I want to put out."

Recently, the rapper dropped new videos for "No Strings” featuring Starrah.and “Swish” featuring 2 Chainz. Both songs are featured on the EP.

Watch Kid Ink speak on his new project and working with Starrah in the video below.

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