Police were reportedly called to the scene of Blac Chyna's hotel after she and her new boyfriend Kid Buu were involved in a physical fight in Hawaii. TMZ reported the news on Monday evening (Jan. 28).

According to the site, the incident that led to the police visit came after Chyna accused the Florida-based rapper of cheating. It's being reported that Chyna scratched Kid Buu during the confrontation and that at some point during the fight, Buu slammed Chyna against a wall several times and choked her. This entire incident took place earlier this morning.

Sources at the celebrity news site say that, although police and paramedics were called to the scene, no one was seriously injured and there were no hospital trips.

This report arrives two months after Buu sat down and spoke to XXL about past child abuse allegations. At the time, he said it was more a matter of Florida's harsh laws than his wrongdoing.

"The child abuse is, in fact, labeled 'child abuse with no harm,'" Kid Buu said at the time. "When you play with Florida, they make things sound even more nastier than what it needs to be. I was like, I'm just gonna plead guilty for my own convenience to move on with life."

XXL has reached out to Kid Buu and Blac Chyna's respective camps for comment.

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