Anyone who follows Kevin Gates has seen a change in the Bread Winners Association boss in the last year. For one, he is now a married man having wed his longtime girlfriend last October. He has also become a devout Muslim. The Baton Rouge MC recently took the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to visit the revered Kaaba, and from the looks of things it was a very spiritual experience for the platinum rapper.

According to Muslim tradition, The Black Stone, located in the center of the Grand Mosque on the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, is a monument that dates back to the era of Adam and Eve. Muslims from all over the world make the trip to Mecca during the Hajj and many visit the Black Stone to touch and kiss the darkened rock as part of the Tawaf ritual.

Gates posted video to Instagram of himself and his wife approaching the Stone. He explains how one of the military men guarding the Stone invited him and her to kiss it, which he is humbled by. In the clip, Gates can be seen kissing the Stone at the designated location on the rock. As he makes contact with the Stone his shoulders start to quiver as if he has been moved to tears. A woman in the background then begins to shout in what sounds like Arabic.

"This Man I've never met - embraced me as if we had known each other our entire lives - one of the greatest Muslims I've met in my life - #AllahuAkbar," he captioned the video. "To be be healed is to be be healed from all things - I'll never forget this day - in this life and the here after - May Peace Be Upon you All," he added.

Gates seems to be in a good space religiously, financially and music wise. It was recently revealed that his debut album Islah has been certified platinum.

Spearheaded by the double platinum single "2 Phones," it is the first debut album released in 2016 to reach the milestone. And he did it without any features. Word to J. Cole.

Watch more footage of Gates' visit to Saudi Arabia below, where he talks about how he can't stop crying.

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