If you have even a passing familiarity with Kevin Gates, you know that he doesn't get tired. In the new video for "Murder Game," he and OG Boobie Black prove just that. All red dispensary lights and menacing faces in the booth, the video captures Black and Gates creating the song in real time. In effect, the rappers break the fourth wall, and in the process drive home a chilling point: This isn't just rap. This is real life.

Black, a member of Gates' Bread Winners' Association, brings plaintive threats, but quickly diverts into a patois-tinged, Gates-assisted passage that is as hypnotic as it is out of place. "Murder Game" hinges on a snowballing momentum, moving deliberately from a plodding gangsta rap cut to an unabashed frenzy. The second half of the track is a surrealist inversion of the song proper, built around one key refrain: "I'm special, on the real." At song's end, Gates extends an olive branch, promising that if "you wave the white flag, we'll set down all the arms." The risk-reward analysis is pretty easy to parse through.

Gates, in the new recently for his refusal to stop sleeping with his cousin, just released Luca Brasi 2. His fourth mixtape since breaking through to national audiences at the beginning of 2013, the record is a haphazard stream of consciousness from uncomfortably honest man. It's available to stream now.