According to Kenny Beats himself, Azealia Banks is not a fan of Anger Management, which is Rico Nasty's latest joint project with Kenny. She dislikes it so much, Kenny says, that she reportedly went ahead and sent a series of texts to the producer to let him know her opinion. 

Jumping on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts just after Anger Management dropped on Thursday night (April 25), Kenny couldn't contain his laughter over the alleged texts from Azealia and decided to share some of them with the world.

"Azealia Banks just sent me 9 texts from a random number talkin about how anger mgmt sucks she so fuckin mad lmaooooooooooooooo," Kenny wrote on Twitter. After fans began questioning the legitimacy of his claims, he followed up with a screenshot of a few of the texts.

"But when you are ready to respect a queen and put your white male pride aside.... when you are ready to stop teaching a black woman about how to create black art .... maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll let you be a runner on one of my sessions," the texts from Banks read. "Bless your heart dear. -AB"

In his caption, Kenny noted that those last few texts were his "favorite part."

Kenny and Azealia have a bit of history as they used to work together in the early stages of her career, though it's unclear as to the capacity as of press time. The rapper has had her fair share of beefs and issues over the years, but thus far, hasn't had any major issues with Rico—though that could change now.

View Azealia's alleged texts to Kenny below.

XXL has attempted to reach out to Azealia for comment.

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