This story just continues to get crazier. In the aftermath of the Pre-VMA party shooting that took place in a club in West Hollywood, which Suge Knight was reportedly shot six times, and ultimately landed him in ICU, there continues to be conflicting reports on the events of that night.

TMZ caught up with Katt Williams, who said that he was with Suge when the shooting took place, to speak to him about what really happened that night. When asked if he knew who shot Suge, Katt replied: “I'm pretty sure Suge knows who shot Suge.” Katt goes on to sarcastically talk about the police's reputation of “nobody” being the shooter when it comes to the shootings of famous black men such as 2Pac, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. Katt also goes on to insinuate that Suge Knight was not the intended target of the shooting. We'll keep you updated with this story. Check out the video above.—Marvin Jules