Katori Walker renders the staggeringly unkind life of a gang banger in painful detail with his new video for "Ignorance," a track that finds Walker addressing what he sees as the faults of gang life.

The poignant new visual, which is soundtracked by three songs from his Ignorance EP ("Ignorant," "Missiles" and "Ormoni"), finds Walker taking on the role of his brother Ormoni, who was killed in gang-related activity years ago. Throughout the video, we see shots of the West Coast rapper hanging out with his friends in between other clips of him spending time with his child and his baby's mother.

From the beginning of the video onward, it becomes clear Walker's character is knee-deep in the streets. He tucks his red bandana and his pistol into his pants before he leaves his house. Unfortunately, tragedy awaits.

In the "Ormoni" portion of the track, Walker questions the merits of a life entrenched in gang culture. "I heard the good die young/What the fuck does that mean, really?/'Cause niggas trippin on eachother/Niggas trippin' over colors/Man, that shit kinda seems silly/Do these black lives matter, nigga?/Hatin' on a nigga's shine because you ain't have it, nigga/Go and kill your own kind then who the hell matters, nigga?" he spits on the song.

There's much more to the songs and videos than what we've described, but you should have a general idea.

Watch Walker's enthralling new video for yourself below.

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