Ignorance may be bliss for some people, but that hasn’t prevented West Coast rapper Katori Walker from trying to enlighten the masses. Based on true stories, his music has focused on the perils of street life and gang culture. The Pasadena, Calif. native, responsible for records like “Ormoni” and “Ignorance,” continues the narrative for XXL’s What I Do freestyle series.

“Where I come from it’s either kill or be killed/Broken home, broken home, how do we build?/Streets become appealing when you’re looking for a feeling, for protection or a family, tell me how would you feel?/How do you deal when your homie get immortalized/Face out on a shirt and he gone and mortified/Knowing where they hang, grab a burner and you finna ride/Clack, clack, clack, skirt, skirt send them up to God,” spits the passionate MC, who recently dropped a visual for his “Run” single.

While at the XXL office to flex his freestyle skills, the Ignorance rapper previewed several records that may be in contention for his soon-to-be released Stubborn EP, out Friday (March 29). “I want the whole album to be a story,” he shares. "I want to tell two parallels of my life and my brother’s life because me and my brother grew up in the same household and everything. And he was literally a hardcore gang member and I’m like a hardcore musician. I’m anti-gang stuff and he banged out. That split—we slept on the same bed. Top bunk, bottom bunk—that parallel I think would be beautiful.”

Watch Katori Walker, who recently toured with Vince Staples, offer his portrayal of life in the streets in his freestyle up top.

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