Last Friday afternoon, hip-hop icon and media pariah Kanye West made headlines after having yet another run-in with a paparazzo as he made his way to his car outside LAX airport. In the scuffle, Kanye allegedly asked the photographer to kindly leave him alone, but as the photog refused and kept pressing West with more questions, Kanye approached him and wrestled the camera from his hands. As we all know, this isn't the first time Kanye's gotten into an altercation with a photographer, as just a week prior to the incident in question he got into a scuffle with a TMZ photog at the airport. In hopes that Ye stays away from any future fights with the paparazzi, we pulled together some recent moments that found Kanye lashing out at the nosey cameramen.

Kanye and Don C smash photographer's camera, September 11, 2008

In Kanye's most aggressive face-off with a paparazzo, 'Ye and his longtime associate Don C attack a photographer and smash his camera inside LAX airport. Kanye and Don were promptly arrested after the incident, but apparently Kanye didn't learn his lesson with this one.

Kanye tells paparazzo to stop following him, September 4, 2009

While driving through the west side of Los Angeles with his then-girlfriend Amber Rose, Kanye pulls his car over and hops out to remind the paparazzo following him to kindly stop following him. West doesn't say much here, but he aggressively yells at the dude and pleads with him to leave him alone. Still, the photog chases 'Ye and Rose down anyway, shooting them from outside the boutique they end up shopping at.

Kanye attacks photographer who asks Kim Kardashian about Reggie Bush, October, 2012

After what looks like a nice couple's night out, Kanye and Kim Kardashian are harassed by a paparazzo who's clearly digging for a reaction from the hot-headed West. After the photog asks Kim if she saw her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush inside the restaurant, Kanye lashes out at the photographer and pleads, "Don't ask her those questions, man!"

Kanye head-butts a parking sign and lashes out, May 10, 2013

This one's just plain funny. As Kanye and Kim make their way to a restaurant and get surrounded by photographers, Kanye keeps his head down but ends up hitting a parking sign. Infuriated, he pleads with the photographers to leave him and Kim alone. Then, Kanye emerges from the restaurant and confronts the remaining photographers about continuing to take photos.

Kanye dismisses questions about Watch The Throne 2, July 12, 2013

As Kanye emerges from his car and makes his way into the airport, a photographer earnestly tells West that he's a fan, which Kanye seems to appreciate, but West quickly follows that up by asking the paparazzo to stop talking to him. Still, the persistent photographer goes on to ask Kanye about the impending Watch The Throne 2 album, and Kanye attacks the cameraman, again pleading with him to leave him alone.

Kanye attacks paparazzo outside airport, July 19, 2013

In his most recent altercation with a photographer, Kanye exits LAX airport and makes his way toward his car when a persistent paparazzo asks West to "chill out." Kanye eventually approaches and assaults the cameraman, throwing him in a headlock before hopping in the car and jetting off.