Kanye West has made absolutely no secret that he considers himself a "creative genius" on par with some of history's most celebrated visionary icons. In the past, Yeezy has stated numerous times in various media outlets  that he wants to be considered in the same vein as Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs, David Stern, Howard Hughes and Walt Disney.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Kanye told Ellen that when it comes to his creative agency, DONDA, he wants his company to be be on par with Disney, the legendary film and animation studio.

"It’s just to take a perspective that I have off the energy that we’ve created online, in the streets, through street culture, through clothing, through vibes, swag, music, sonics, pushing the envelope... and then apply that to create the new Disney." Kanye said while speaking on his goals for DONDA.

As he's been doing in numerous media appearances the last few months, Kanye gave a glimpse into his thoughts about the creative vision.

“I think a misconception that people have about the way I create is that it’s an I, I, I thing,” Kanye said  “And the reason why I created DONDA, which is a content experience and product company, was to create a think tank with other amazing artists and let us bounce ideas and no one has reign. It’s just the best idea wins…We all talk about it and come up with the best ideas together. We collect our thoughts and the reason why I think that I can have an opinion [in] another field like film or fashion is because my plan is not to become the best fashion designer or the best filmmaker."

You can watch a clip of Kanye's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the clips above and below.

[Via HNHH]