"Saint Pablo" has now been uploaded to Apple Music under the name "Apple Curator." Clerical mistake? Maybe, but hear it below in glorious CDQ.

Original Story:

Earlier this year, Kanye West debuted a new song at Yo Gotti's listening party in L.A. called "Saint Pablo" featuring Sampha and the same epic sample from Jay Z's "Where I'm From." It features production from Mike Dean, and it's now leaked in full CDQ hours before The Life of Pablo is set to hit Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

Yeezy drops a ton of quotables on the six-minute track, comparing himself to Einstein and thanking God for Jay "Electra." Sampha also sounds absolutely glorious on the chorus, eventually taking over vocal duties for the end of the song. But not before Kanye drops more heaters. "Black on black rhymes is worse than black on black crime/You should hear the truth on how to make a dime/Most black men couldn't balance a checkbook/But buy a new car, talkin' 'bout how my neck look/Well it all looks played/Four hundred years later, we buyin' our own chains," he spits on the second verse.

And there's more: "God I have humbled myself before the court/Dropped my ego and confidence was my last resort/I know, I know you got a plan, I know I'm on your beams/One set of footsteps, you was carryin' me/When I turn on the news and they was buryin' me/One set of footsteps, you was carryin' me/When I was negotiating with Apple, it was Larry and me/Told Tim Cook to call me, I was scary to see/I woulda took a hundred million and gave 20 to Hov/I heard that's the way they did it when they only had a stove."

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