Kanye West is looking to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors. The G.O.O.D. Music founder has filed legal documents in an effort to produce a cosmetics line under his DONDA brand. Kanye's paperwork is currently being proceed, but sources told TMZ that Yeezus only filed the application in case an opportunity in cosmetics develops.

The Chicago rapper's potential entry into the cosmetics industry would add to his growing empire outside of rap. Kanye has already become a force in the fashion industry thanks to his Yeezy line as well as his popular shoes.

Kanye's products outside of music have shown his immense influence on the culture, but his larger than life persona has made him a target for much criticism. An L.A.-based street artist named Plastic Jesus highlighted this dynamic in a sculpture of 'Ye in which the rapper is being crucified.

“He’s a genius at writing and producing but he’s not a God, and that’s where we put him. Until there’s an issue in his life or a hiccup in his career, then we crucify him,” Plastic Jesus said. “We’ve seen it before with people like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. The same people who put him into a God-like place are the same yapping at his heels for a piece of flesh when something happens.”

The piece made its debut on Wednesday (Feb. 22) at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. The sculpture is an entry in a recurring series that Plastic Jesus creates every Oscar season.

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