As if Kanye West wasn't famous enough, his song "Famous" just got the video treatment, but not from the Chicago MC himself. Comedians Azizi Ansari and Eric Wareheim assume their rap personas as "Lil Bud" and "Big Bud" make a rap video spoof to Kanye's TLOP track and you have see it to believe it...or at least, to get a good midweek laugh.

"Famous" has come to be known as one of 'Ye's most infamous cuts off The Life of Pablo. With mentions of having sex with Taylor Swift and calling out his wife's ex Ray J, Kanye held nothing back in the controversial track. There's no official visual for "Famous" just yet, but the Master of None stars took the burden off Kanye's hands by dropping his ridiculous guerilla-style video.

The video looks as it was shot on an iPhone while the two guys had down time during the shooting of the Netflix show's upcoming second season. The duo show off some hilariously off-beat dance moves and adlib over the TLOP track while on location in Rome, Italy. Some of the best shots are Ansari and Wareheim sampling wine and pastries and reacting in elation, lip-syncing the "God, damn!" in West's song. And around the 2:45 mark of the clip, both men air-hump a mini car -- the type of unabashed vulgarity Kanye would get a kick out of, no doubt.

The video was uploaded on Vimeo by Wareheim two weeks ago but is starting to make it's rounds on the Internet. This isn't the first time one of West's songs have gotten the visual treatment from Hollywood's jokesters. Back in 2013, Seth Rogen and James Franco remade Kanye's "Bound 2" music video with melodramatic accuracy. West thought their remake was so funny, he asked them to perform a rendition of the song at his and Kim Kardashian's wedding.

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