Kanye West's relationship with the paparazzi has taken a total 180. At one time in his career, West was refusing questions, warning photogs not to talk in his presence and even put paps in the cobra clutch. Not anymore. Now he's playing peace maker, breaking up fights and passing out hugs.

'Ye was recently walking through the airport when he was swarmed by a frenzied group of paparazzi. Pushing and shoving soon began as the cameramen tried to get in position for a close-up of the rapper, but that's when things got heated. TMZ captured footage of two men starting to throw down, with one man throwing a punch and a kick. West quickly stepped in to stop the tussle and hugged the angered man in order to quell the beef.

Three years ago, it was West who was putting them paws on a photographer outside of the Los Angles International Airport. He avoided serious charges of assault and attempted robbery, after a judge declined to pursue the case. He was later sued by the photographer he put hands on.

West might have turned a new leaf with the paparazzi, but he is still pissed with bootleggers. Since West decided to go against the grain and not sell his album directly, dropping his highly anticipated project The Life of Pablo exclusively on TIDAL, bootlegging of the album has been through the roof with the LP being illegally downloaded over 500,000 times. West is going after the site Pirate Bay, and plans to take legal action for copyright infringement and loss of earnings.

And while he isn't spazzing on the paparazzi anymore, West is still spazzing. SNL recently spoofed Yeezy's meltdown using Deadpool. Check out the hilarious video below.

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