Earlier today (Jan. 8), Kanye West dropped, deleted, revised and re-upped an audio file to his Soundcloud page. It contained a new song, "Real Friends," which he produced with help from a handful of others, including Mobb Deep's Havoc; it also featured a snippet of a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar called "No More Parties in LA." The latter song is said to be produced by the legendary Oxnard, Calif. native Madlib. It's now come to light that the song may have existed in some form for a handful of years, perhaps dating as far back as the 2009 and 2010 sessions for West's blockbuster My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The above video shows bonus footage from Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, the 2014 documentary that chronicles the creation and rise of the California label Stones Throw Records. In the clip, which begins at approximately 21:45, Kanye recalls a recording session with Madlib, and rapped lyrics from "No More Parties in LA."

In a June 2010 LA Weekly piece by XXL contributor Jeff Weiss, Madlib cops to putting five beats on hold for Kanye, who was at that time finishing up with Dark Fantasy. So while "No More Parties in LA" certainly could stretch that far back, there's nothing in the way of a definitive timeline on the song.

By 2014, Madlib was seemingly hinting at a falling-out of sorts between the two producers. From an interview with Grantland: "I don’t know what happened. Maybe he didn’t wanna pay my fee, or maybe he didn’t wanna go in that direction. Probably the money thing, he wanted to put his name on my— I actually don’t wanna talk about that. A lot of people record over my music and it don’t come out."


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