Chicago rapper Kami has linked up with fellow Savemoney rhymers' Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp yet again for his new amped-up music video, which is nothing short of a hometown affair.

In the video for "Reboot," Kami and producer Smoko Ono's latest track, the three Chi-town natives reflect on their come-up as they're surrounded by close friends and supporters in their city's backstreets. The duo recruited the hip-hop's new go-to director, Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett, for the visual, whose editing skills reign supreme as the camera cuts to different scenes of the Midwestern rhymers living it up.

"Fuck-fuckin' up a check on some Black kids/Just took the Grammys out the plastic/Shoulda got my first one off the Acid/Still bang my hat out in traffic," Chano delivers on the track's second verse, making a nod to his critically-acclaimed sophomore mixtape.

It's all fun and games for Kami for the remainder of the vid as he bounces around with Smoko Ono. "Drip water, I was selling seafood/Crash a coup, so I had to recoup/Hit a dealership, said I need two/Booted up, then I had to reboot" he raps on the chorus.

Joey Purp provides the hook's catchy adlibs before bursting out with a verse of his own. "I just got a check and put it all on a pendant/She in Saks religiously, that means she's sacrilegious/I ain't gotta tint it, tryna let 'em know I'm in it/I been outta town, but I'm still doin' digits," he spits.

In related news, Joey Purp is set to drop his forthcoming effort, Quarterthing, next Friday (Sept. 7). He recently gifted fans with "Bag Talk," his first offering from the project.

Catch the visual for "Reboot" below.

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