Kamaiyah has just landed herself in a bit of legal trouble. Earlier today (May 11), local Hartford, Conn. news station WFSB reported that the 26-year-old California native was arrested at Bradley International Airport after she refused to let her bonnet be inspected by the TSA.

According to the outlet, Kamaiyah was talking to a TSA agent at 6 a.m. today when the alarm at the airport's checkpoint went off. That was when the TSA agents allegedly asked her to remove the bonnet from her head so it coule be inspected. That command was one the Bay Area artist ultimately refused to comply with. It was at that point that things took a turn for the worse.

The Connecticut outlet goes on to report that TSA agents pulled Kamaiyah aside after she refused to have her head gear checked out. Local authorities claim the rapper was told she wouldn't be able to pass the airport's check point and board her flight unless her bonnet was inspected.

Eventually, she began to direct obscenities in the direction of the agents and a Connecticut state trooper while continuing to refuse an inspection. This is apparently what led to the burgeoning rap star's arrest.

Kamaiyah, who performed at the 2018 Coachella last month, spoke out about this incident in some now-deleted tweets. "I'm never going to Hartford Connecticut again I had to bail out of jail for wearing a bonnet in their airport that showed me enough about what type of place it is," she wrote.

The rapper has now been charged with interfering with police and second-degree breach of peace charges. She posted a $5,000 bond and is now due in Connecticut's Enfield Superior Court on June 6.

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