In a move that will reunite one of the greatest trios in late-1990s rap music, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile have confirmed that they're making a collaborative album with Lil Wayne. Though there are no available details about the title, time frame or label clearances--which could prove to be a major stumbling blocks--it appears as if the record, long requested by fans of the old guard at Cash Money Records, is a go.

In a sit-down interview with AllHipHop, Mannie and Juvie talk about the public "demanding" the record, and say that the trio has already locked down a few features for the track list.

The trio previously worked together time and time again on Hot Boyz records and each members' solo efforts. Each, in succession, left Cash Money, the label that gave them their start. First was Juvenile, whose departure led Wayne to title a solo album 500 Degreez in a bit of one-upsmanship after Juvie's 400 Degreez became critically acclaimed and a fan favorite. (Some might argue that same mix of admiration and competition led Young Thug to name his 2015 mixtape Barter 6.)

Fresh, one of the most revered producers in the genre's history, left the label in the mid-2000s; the last LP he helmed was Wayne's own Tha Carter in 2004. The youngest of the three, Wayne is still trying to wade through legal documents to extricate himself from the outfit. His long-awaited Tha Carter V is being held in limbo, and he has publicly sparred with Bryan "Birdman" Williams, the founder and CEO--and his longtime mentor--though the two were recently seen together at Drake's New Year's Eve party.

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