Justin Timberlake and Tyler, the Creator will join Neptunes member Chad Hugo as guests on Pharrell's Beats 1 OTHERtone radio show this Sunday, but before then, clips have been released of the group discussing Timberlake's 2002 album Justified, which was heavily produced by Pharrell and Hugo, and the new music they are presently working on.

In the above clip, Tyler asks Justin about that new music, with the singer saying of the sounds, "It’s so in it’s infancy right now that I couldn’t say. And plus I won’t talk about that shit right now. Just because, there may be a longer length of time that this stuff that we’re working on right now [needs] and then when it comes out it may turn into something completely different."

Pharrell's co-host Scott Vener then asks Timberlake how collaborating with the producers has changed in the time since recording his debut disc, with the singer saying that things are both the same and different. "You have to remember, I was 21 when we did Justified. Pharrell was still like 48… you were what? 28? 29? For me, I felt like both of them were like big brothers to me in a lot of ways. I still feel that way obviously so there’s still that familiarity, but I’m 35 now and have lived some life... I’m sure a lot of men can say this too, you get to a certain age where you’re able to still feel like you’re want to move forward but you’re able to look in the rearview mirror... cause those are the moments you really learn about things. There’s a different air around it and I don’t know how it’s gonna end up but I know shit is sounding crazy right now."

Below, Timberlake talks about first working with The Neptunes and Tyler backs up his claim that the production duo have an uncanny collaborative process. The group also discusses their favorite Justified moments and tracks. Peep the clips above and below. OTHERtone airs on Sunday at 3 p.m. EST.

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