WHO?MAG TV Hip Hop Talk released a teaser for its debut episode, which features a sad story. Bronx rapper Just-Ice, who worked with Boogie Down Productions, shared his memories of the day that Scott La Rock was killed. In the story, Just-Ice recalls how everything went down right after he wrapped up a deal with BDP for his 1987 album Kool & Deadly.

“After we signed the contract, we went to McDonalds. It was all of us plus RoboCop was with us,” Just-Ice says around the one minute mark of the above video. “We was eating, and [KRS-One] got a phone call from [D-Nice]. He was like, ‘I need some help.’ By us being on 68th and Broadway, and he was in Webster projects or some shit like that, where it happened. 169th? We was like, ‘Yo, we’re staying here.’ Darrell – Robocop, the original Robocop - was like, ‘We gon’ go up there, and I’ma go get [D-Nice].’ Scott was like, ‘I’ma go witchu.’ That’s the last we ever seen of Scott.”

Although Just-Ice was not with Scott La Rock when the shooting occurred, he did get the full story from BDP affiliate RoboCop. Just-Ice said Scott did not even realize he'd been shot.

“Scott didn’t even know he was shot," he explains. "According to RoboCop, they was driving and all of a sudden, Scott [grabbed his neck and fell down]; head hit the motherfucking dashboard and you see a hole. And it was a .22; that’s what you call a lucky motherfucking shot, man. If you’ve ever been to Webster Projects, those buildings are like 17 to 20 stories high. He was on the roof, and he shot him with a little .22! If the wind blows too hard, it’ll knock it off course! That day, there was no wind."

The rest of teaser includes Just-Ice's thoughts on gangster rap, the subgenre he helped start, as well as interviews with other hip-hop personalities such as DJ Cool V and Doodlebug of Digable Planets. The episode will be released tonight (Nov. 17) at 9:30 p.m. EST.

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