Following up on the success of their 2010 mixtape collaboration, Juicy J and Lex Luger come through with Rubba Band Business 2, a nearly 30-track project with notable features from Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Porter. The Academy Award winning rhymer stays in his lane on RBB2, chronicling his trippy lifestyle and love for drugs, girls, and partying. While Juicy’s lyrical content and Lex Luger’s hi-hat and rapid fire snare sound may get repetitive at times, RBB2 definitely provides some bangin’ anthems for those memorable party nights that probably can’t actually be remembered the next morning.

Juicy kicks off the tape with “A Zip and a Double Cup,” detailing the necessary ingredients for a trippy night out with the Three Six Mafia co-founder. This sets the overall tone of Rubba Band Business 2, and Juicy continues detailing his wild exploits on “So Damn F*cked Up,” rapping, “ I’m chugging lean, taking beans, I do all kinds of things/I got three chicks in my room, I’m just like Charlie Sheen.” Other highlights include “Stoner’s Night” and “Inhale,” where Machine Gun Kelly tears up a prototypical Luger beat.

Unlike the first tape, which was produced exclusively by Lex Luger, RBB2 sees production from the Juice man himself, among others. This outside production gives the disc some much needed diversity and helps keep the mixtape from sounding like 28 different versions of the same song. The sound Lex Luger has mastered and made his own has paid off big for him with tracks like “B.M.F”, and “H.A.M”, and it works here as well, but on a project of this length, it does leave a listener curious as to what other tricks 20-year-old producer up his sleeve. Either way, Rubba Band Business 2 is a lot of fun to bump and is the kind of album one will enjoy more the less they try to analyze it. Trippy, mane. —NMB

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