Joyner Lucas raised some eyebrows this past May when he—seemingly out of nowhere—dissed Logic in his stellar "Mask Off" freestyle.

"And don't you compare me to Logic (never)/Go listen to Sriracha/Yeah, that's Amanda to Ronda/And that's a Benz to a Honda/Yeah, that's a dance with the devil/And I ain't dancing behind ya," Joyner spit over the instrumental.

In the weeks afterward, fans wondered what exactly made the ascendant Worcester, Mass. rapper throw shade in Logic's direction. Now, we have an answer. Speaking about his 508-507-2209 album with the folks at Billboard, Joyner explains what led him to diss the Maryland MC. Apparently, it has something to do with a song he referenced on the verse in question.

"I just think he's a corny guy," Joyner says. "Honestly, it stemmed from [Logic] going on the 'Sriracha' record and it took a long time to get it back. When Tech N9ne initially gave me the record, I was excited about Logic being on there, but after that much time went by and the verse he gave was so disrespectful, I felt like he gave Tech that verse on a count of me being on the record. I felt he was upset I was on the record and gave a wack verse. I think if that was just a Tech N9ne and Logic record, he would've never did that. That definitely rubbed me the wrong way."

Joyner says he can tell Logic gave the Strange Music boss a "wack" verse because he's familiar with how Logic approaches music, and that perceived knowledge was only reinforced when he watched a Logic interview.

"I took that a little bit personal because that was real disrespectful. I know how he raps," Joyner says. "Matter of fact, I was watching an interview Logic gave the other day, they asked if he had to choose between JAY-Z and Eminem whose feature would he want? His response was Eminem and then he said, 'because I know Eminem's going to come spit for real and really rap and I'm up for that challenge.' So now I'm looking at the screen like, 'You're lying, bro.'"

On a more obvious layer, Joyner notes that Logic also dropped a song with a phone number as the title (“1-800-273-8255″), implying that he was trying to copy Joyner, whose latest project is called 508-507-2209. Joyner doesn't want to bash him for that, being that it's a song about suicide prevention, but according to Joyner, "There's too much stuff that make me feel a type of way. I feel by now the cat should've reached out, but it is what it is. It's not like I'm mad at him like that, I just think he's corny."

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