Quality Control Music is arguably the hottest independent label in hip-hop right now. Everyone on their roster has a penchant for making hits and are undeniably talented—from Migos to Lil Yachty, they continue to show, prove and win time and time again. Broward County, Fla. signee Jordan Hollywood is the latest to pass their litmus test, and on the newest edition of XXL's What I Do, he shows exactly why he belongs in the game.

For his freestyle, the "Explosion" rapper gets his bars off without a hint of forcefulness. "And everything I do is legendary/Keep it on me 'cause it's necessary/Got no safety on it like no secondary/And the money callin', need a secretary," Jordan begins. "And my dad a G, bitch, hereditary/You's a bitch, you belong in a obituary/And that hatin' shit is just unnecessary/We was at the bottom, temporary/Now I'm fuckin' on the top like missionary/You ain't movin' work, shit is stationary/And the choppas on me like the military/Dead fresh like I get dressed in a muthafuckin' cemetery/I put you in the game, you drop the ball like January."

After delivering a heavy 16, Jordan Hollywood inquires about his chances on becoming a 2019 XXL Freshman.

"Wait, is y'all ever gon' make me a Freshman?" he asks. "'Cause this freestyle right here feel like we testin'/I'm sorry for smellin' like a pound when I made my entrance/Maybe one day we could have a friendship/Or maybe I'm only here 'cause QC got y'all attention/If I told ya every rapper I wrote a verse for it'll make ya head spin/But I'm just happy to be here, it's a blessin'/Gang."

The 25-year-old rhymer has been chasing the music bag since dropping out of school at 15. His 2016 independent album, Sorry For This, ultimately led to him being signed to QC in 2018. His debut EP, FINALLY!, features label mate Lil Baby on "Let Me Find Out" and has been streamed a million times over since its release in November 2018.

Press play above to see what Jordan Hollywood's hype is all about.

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